How to Connect Laptop to Wireless Router in Packet Tracer

By default, end host devices in Packet Tracer, such as smartphones, PCs, and laptops, do not have a wireless module on their network interface card. This means that they cannot connect to a wireless network. To enable connection to a wireless network, we need to replace the Ethernet module that is prebuilt into the NIC with a wireless module. An Ethernet module uses a cable connection instead of a wireless one.

In this post, I will show you how to connect a laptop to a wireless router by first removing the Ethernet module from the NIC, replacing it with a wireless module, and then providing step-by-step instructions on how to connect the laptop to the wireless router

a wireless network comprising of PC, laptop and wireless router

Note: I completed the wireless router configuration in a separate post. I configured the wireless router as a DHCP server and configured it to broadcast wireless signals with an SSID (netizzan) and password (netizzan). Consider checking out the two posts below to learn how we did it.

Here is a video on how to connect laptop to Wireless router in packet tracer


How to Connect Laptop to Wireless Router in Packet tracer

Here are steps to connect Laptop to Wireless router

Step 1: Remove the ethernet module From the NIC

By default, a laptop has Ethernet module on its NIC, which can be used cable connection. To be able to connect to a wireless network, we need replace this Ethernet module with a wireless module.

First turn off the ethernet port and then drag and drop the ethernet module outside to remove it.

removing the ethernet module

Step 2: Add a wireless Module to the NIC

To add a wireless Module to the NIC, Drag the WPC300N and drop on the port.. Then, turn the port on.

adding the wireless module

Step 3: Connect to the Wireless Router

To connect to the Wireless Router, navigate to wireless configuration by going to Desktop>PC wireless

selecting wireless devices

Then search for the network (Netizzan) and connect;

Connecting to the wireless signal

You will be prompted to enter the WiFi password for the wireless network. Note: We configured this password in our post on how to configure a wireless router.

Entering the security key

Because DHCP is configured on the wireless router, this laptop will automatically obtain an IP address and, therefore, can be reached from other network devices.

A wireless network comprising of wireless router, PC and Laptop

Here is a video tutorial on how to do this;

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