How To Configure Wireless Router In Cisco Packet Tracer

A wireless router is a network device that can broadcast radio signals for end devices to connect wirelessly and also perform routing functionalities. In essence, a wireless router does the job of a router and that of an access point.

By default, end-host devices in packet tracer have an Ethernet module on their interface, and for them to be able to connect to a network wirelessly, this Ethernet module needs to be replaced with a wireless adapter module (WMP 300N).

In this post, I will be showing you how to configure a wireless router in packet tracer. The configuration of the wireless router is similar to that of access point. If you are curious, you can check out our post on how to configure access points in a packet tracer.

Prerequisite: How to add wireless router to packet tracer

Network Topology

The network topology we will be making use of in this post is shown below. As you can see, it comprises of a wireless router and three PCs attached to the network wirelessly. In this demonstration, we will show you how you can setup the wireless router and then connect the PCs wirelessly to it.

Wireless router connected to PCs

Here is a video on how to configure Wireless router in packet tracer;

How To Configure Wireless Router

Here are steps to configure Wireless router in cisco packet tracer;

Step 1: Enable Authentication on the Wireless router

Normally every wireless network is secured so that users need to input the the password to the network before connecting. By default, wireless router in the cisco packet tracer is not secured. To enable security, Go to Config>Wireless tab

enable authentication

Step 2: Configure IP address on the Wireless router

Like end devices, wireless routers do not have a command-line interface (CLI). So, we will use the Graphic User Interface (GUI) to assign an IP address to the wireless interface. We will also configure DHCP on the wireless router so that host devices connecting to the wireless router will obtain an IP address automatically.

configure the interface IP

Then scroll down and click on the Save setting.

Click on save setting

Step 3: Connect the host devices

We have 3 PCs in our network, and the steps to connecting them to the route are the same.
To allow a PC to connect to an access point using the WiFi signal, we need to remove the Ethernet module and add the wireless module.

Navigate to the Physical Tab of the PC, turn off the power, and then drag and drop the Ethernet module outside to remove it.

Removing the ethernet module

Drag the WMP300N Module and Drop on the port.

adding the wireless module

Now, Navigate to Desktop>PC wireless.

selecting wireless devices Then select the SSID for the access point and click on Connect.

Connecting to the wireless signal

You will be prompted to enter the password for the Wireless router, enter it appropriately, and then click on Connect.

Entering the security key

Because I configured DHCP on the Wireless router, the PC will automatically obtain IP address.

Check out the video below to see how the above steps are implemented;


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