How To Add Wireless Router to Packet Tracer

Some network devices, like firewalls, Layer 3 switches, access points, and even wireless routers, are hidden in the packet tracer software. If you are trying to use them for the first time, finding them on the packet tracer software might pose a challenge.

In this post, I will be showing you how to add a wireless router to the packet tracer.

Here is a video tutorial on how to add a wireless router to a packet tracer.

How to add a wireless router to the packet tracer

Here are the steps to add a wireless router to the packet tracer:

Step 1: Select “Network Devices.”

After launching the packet tracer software, select network devices from the bottom left-hand side of the simulation window. The image below demonstrates this step.

selecting network devices

Step 2: Navigate to “Wireless devices”

After completing step 1, you will see “wireless devices” from the bottom of the simulation window.

Selecting wireless devices

Step 3: Drag & drop Wireless router to the simulation window

When you click on “wireless devices” as instructed above, it will load a row containing different wireless devices, look for Wireless router and drag and drop it on the simulation window.

adding wireless router to packet tracer

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