/32 Subnet Mask

In classless interdomain routing (CIDR), the /32 subnet mask is one of the prefix lengths that is most confusing. Unlike the /31 subnet mask and other subnet masks we covered earlier, the /32 subnet mask does not divide a network into subnetworks; it rather defines the host route.

Once you assign an IP address to the interface of a network device (let’s say a router), the router will add two addresses to its routing table. The first is the network route, while the second is the host route. The network route is also called a connected route, and the host route is also called a local route.

For instance, if we have two network devices, Router A and Router B, connected over a point-to-point connection using the network

point to point connection between routers

IF we assign Router A the IP address and Router B the IP address, Router A will add the host route ( as well as the network route to its routing table;

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network and host route

Router B will add the host route; and network route; to its routing table as well.

host and connected route

Note: A host route is a specific route to a destination (interface G0/0/0 of Routers A and B in this case).

/32 subnet mask dotted decimal

The dotted decimal for the /32 subnet mask is This representation is obtained by setting the whole 32 bits of the IPV4 address to 1 and converting each octet to a decimal.

Dotted decimal notation for /32 subnetwork

/32 Wildcard mask

The wildcard mask for the /32 prefix length is This is obtained by subtracting each octet of the subnet mask from 255.

/32 Subnet Mask Usable IP Address.

In the /32 subnet mask, there is only one usable IP address, and this IP address is used to identify the host route. This one usable IP address can also be called a local route.

How Many Subnetworks are in /32?

A /32 subnet mask does not divide a network into subnetworks. It is rather used to define a route to a specific host in a network. Hence, there is no subnetwork in a /32 subnet mask.

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