How to Connect Smartphone to Access Point in Packet Tracer

In this post, I will be showing you how to Connect Smartphone to Access point in packet tracer.

In our previous session, I showed you how to connect a laptop to an access point in a packet tracer. There, I showed you how to remove the default Ethernet module on the laptop NIC and then add a wireless module so that the laptop can connect to a wireless network.

Unlike a laptop, which has an Ethernet module by default, a smartphone has a wireless module and can therefore connect to a wireless network once the wireless configuration matches.

We will be connecting a smartphone to the access point shown in the network below.

a network of a router and access point

Note: We completed the router and access point configuration on a separate post. We configured the router as a DHCP server and configured the access point to broadcast wireless signals with an SSID (netizzan) and password (netizzan). Consider checking out the two posts below to learn how we did it.

Here is a video on how to connect smartphone to access point in packet tracer;\

How to Connect Smartphone to Access Point

To connect a smartphone to an access point, go to the Config tab>Wireless0, enter the SSID and password of the access point, and the smartphone will be connected automatically to the access point.

Connect smartphone to access point

If the DHCP is configured on the network, the smartphone will obtain IP address automatically, however, if there is no DHCP, you will need to assign IP address manually to the wireless interface of the smartphone.

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router access point and smartphone

Remember to configure the IP address of the default gateway if you are configuring the wireless interface manually by going to config tab>setting

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